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About Chiropractic

At Dopps Chiropractic we see you as an individual with a unique set of needs; and we view chiropractic as a system of health care that is different than medical care alone. Without drugs or surgery, Chiropractic health care helps retrain your body to take care of itself. If your bodily structure is unbalanced or is not straight, you may feel pain, become ill or tire more easily.  

-Dr. Mark Dopps                                                                                                          Dopps Chiropractic                                                                                                       Leading Chiropractors in Wichita KS since 1976



Chiropractic is a health discipline that focuses on the cause of one’s symptoms, and renders treatment according to the cause.  Traditional medicine typically focuses on the symptoms only, and treatment is given for symptom relief, not the cause or correction of the problem.  For example, a typical treatment for a headache in traditional medicine would be prescribing a pain pill or muscle relaxer to relieve the headache.  This approach is only covering up the symptom and not necessarily addressing the cause of ones problem.  You do not have the headache because your body is deficient in this drug.  A headache is an alarm system in your body telling you that something is not functioning correctly.  If your house is on fire and the fire alarm is going off, do you go and break the alarm?  No.  You put the fire out which is the cause, and the alarm will go off by itself. 

Chiropractors examine the spine and nervous system to determine if subluxation (spinal misalignment) is the cause of the problem.  If your spine is out of proper alignment it will cause muscle tension, imbalance, stress, and decreased function of the spinal nerves that will cause problems to develop.  The spine (vertebral column) houses your central nervous system which includes your spinal cord.  The function of your spinal cord is similar to an electrical wire that sends and receives signals from the brain.  Your spinal cord consists of branches of nerves that come off each side, these 31 pairs of spinal nerves run to different areas of your body to allow each and every system, organ, muscle, tissue and cell to work effectively.  A human spine consists of 24 bones called vertebrae.  

When vertebrae in the spinal column get subluxated they can cause pain and interfere with the nerve function to a specific area of  your body, hindering proper healing, health, and function of that area.

The chiropractic adjustment realigns the misplaced vertebrae that put pressure on spinal nerves disrupting nerve flow.  The techniques a chiropractor uses to correct subluxations are virtually pain free.  Many patients get relief in the first visit.

Since chiropractic care is drug free, it is proven to be much safer then modern medicine.  

All medications are chemical toxins to the body.  If you continue to put chemical toxins into the body, how do you expect it heal properly, or work at its full potential?

Chiropractic care is safe and natural healthcare.  

Millions of people are already benefiting from Chiropractic wellness care.  The body was designed to thrive.  Isn’t it time for you to unleash your true health potential?