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Choosing your Chiropractor in Wichita Kansas

A good place to start is to ask your Primary Care Physician, Family, Friends or Co-Workers for their recommendations of Chiropractors.  In general, if multiple people recommend the same Chiropractor, chances are good that the Chiropractor is reliable.  While recommendations can be valuable it is important to find a Chiropractor who can meet your specific needs.

Chiropractic is a profession with a wide variety of practice philosophies and techniques, which makes it a challenge to select the best Chiropractor. Because Chiropractic treatment is a physical procedure, consideration should be given to both the rapport with the doctor as well as compatibility with joint manipulation style.

Questions you might ask when selecting a Chiropractor:
• How they feel about working collaboratively with your Primary Care Physician?
• How willing they are to refer you to specialists?
• What services they provide in their office, such as physiotherapy?
• Their preferred goals of care. Ask what is typically done on a first visit (you should expect to be treated, not just assessed). Continued care to sustain wellness is good practice, but this decision will need to come through thoughtful discussions between you and your Chiropractor.
• How many years has the Chiropractor been in practice? 

Other Questions to consider:
• Is my Chiropractor friendly and courteous?
• Do you feel comfortable talking with your Chiropractor?
• Does your Chiropractor fully answer all questions asked?
• Does your Chiropractor listen to your complete explanation of symptoms and recommend a treatment plan specific to your symptoms or concerns?  

A Chiropractor can provide a number of treatments that can help you get rid of your back and neck pain or maintain wellness. Taking time to choose the right Chiropractor for your needs and comfort levels can be critical in your recovery.
Yours in Health,

Dr. Mark Dopps

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